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Video Business Cards, Video Brochures & Video Mailers
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Video content is one of the most popular and important online marketing tools of this day. With theVideoCads, your clients can carry your video message in their small pocket. With the variety of video cards, video brochures, and video business cards, you can now share all your work with a simple flip. No wires, no networks, no network security concern - it's video at your client's fingertips. All that a user has to do to see your message is to simply open your marketing video card.

With pricing starting at $15/card (Video Busienss Card, high quantity), you can easily give them to clients that matter. Video cards have vaste use in sales, branding, education, marketing, product launch, and many other business related needs.

theVideoCards promotional video brochure is an ideal video sales and marketing tool that leaves an impression and communicate your idea in the best way possible. Video Brochure is also one of the most powerful sales/marketing gadgets you can deploy today. With a variety of sizes, memory, and finishing; there is a video brchure or video card waiting for you.

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There is a size
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From Business Card size to nearly iPad Pro size. Visit our Video Brochures Gallery here.

Video brochures and video business cards

Video Cards Options


The cards can be customized in many different ways, including the memory size, screen size, battery capacity, and others.


The screens come in a variety of sizes, starting at 2.4 inches all the way to 10.1-inches in various screen resolutions.


For short videos, 256 Mb internal memory is enough. Need more? 500 Mb, 1 Gb, 2 Gb and more are available.


Choose glossy or matte stock. Spot UV coating and foil stamping are available on the soft or hard cover.


Buttons can trigger assigned functions, from skip to next video, volume, start of a specific video, or switch between video and photo.


Your cards can come as small Video Business Cards or as big as 8.5 x 11 type of brochure. You choose the form factor you need.


No video on hand? Load up several JPG files and the card starts a slideshow with background music of your choice.


Can't stop watching your video brochure? With the supplied standard USB cable you can recharge it from a USB port.

Video Brochures

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Video Business Cards

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USB Card available

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