Video Brochure

The most innovative marketing tool supporting brand building, lead geenrations, customer conversions, and promotional efforts.

Video Brochures and Video Cards took the marketing world by storm. With the falling prices of individual components and the effectiveness of video as a sales and marketing tool, Video Brochure is one of the most innovative and important marketing products of the last couple of years. Thanks to the falling prices of individual electronic components, video brochures are no longer a marketing tool for companies with deep pockets. While popular with car makers, theme parks, resorts, and national brands, they are also used by local real estate agents, lawyers, wedding photographers and other small business owners.

Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video, compared to 10% when reading it in a text.

The combination of print, sound, and video offers a unique customizable package that targets all aspect of a user’s experience. The print packaging is the main carrier of the company’s brand identity, and video and sound further reinforce the customized and branded experience.

Video Brochures have many options and are highly customizable. The level of personalization may be rather confusing with the level of options and possibilities they offer. In the following summary, we would like to shine some light onto the video brochure market and what this technology can do for you.

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How are Video Brochures used?

Video Brochures are used in many industries to promote, sell, pitch, offer, present, and explain new products, services and individuals. They are used for open houses, B2B sales, direct mail marketing, proposals, portfolios, or educating students. The possibilities are endless. In fact, the very first photo and video of your child can be distributed on our Ultrasound Video Card.

What is a Video Brochure?

A video brochure is essentially a USB drive with a speaker and an LCD wrapped in a printed paper cover. If you disassemble the video brochure, you’ll notice the electronic board, battery, USB port, and glue and fillers to hold all the components together.

How do Video Brochures work?

In most cases, when you open a video brochure, the video starts running. Once you close it, it stops. Of course, this depends on customization of each Video Brochure project.

What can Video Brochure play?
The video brochure plays video files MP4(AVI: DIVX,XVID), DVD (VOB, MPG2), VCD (DAT, MPG1), MKV, and an automatic slideshow with preloaded JPG files. The files play in Alpha order. There is also an option to upload an MP3 file that plays during the slideshow playback.
Advanced models play other files. See below for advanced options.

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Each Video Brochure has several parts that make the card function. What are the options?

The most important element that affects the pricing is the size of the LCD. There are several options with a variety of sizes. The most typical options are 4.3”, 5”, 7” and 10.1” (there is also a mini version of 2.4” used as Video Business Card). There are advanced displays available in several options and resolutions (see Advanced options).

SCREEN SIZE aspect ratio pixels memory sizes available
2.4” 4:3 320x240 128MB, 256MB, 512MB, 1G, 2GB, 4Gb
4.3” 16:9 480x272 128MB, 256MB, 512MB, 1G, 2GB, 4Gb
4" HD 16:9 800x480 128MB, 256MB, 512MB, 1G, 2GB, 4Gb
5.0” 16:9 480x272 256MB, 512MB, 1G, 2GB, 4Gb
5.0" HD 16:9 854x480 256MB, 512MB, 1G, 2GB, 4Gb
7.0” 16:9 800x480 256MB, 512MB, 1G, 2GB, 4Gb
7.0" HD 16:9 1024x600 256MB, 512MB, 1G, 2GB, 4Gb
10.0” 16:9 1280x720 256MB, 512MB, 1G, 2GB, 4Gb

The cards come with standard memory that starts at 128 Mb for 4.3”, 256” for 5” and 7”, and 512Mb for 10.1 inches. Around 30 Mb is occupied by the software that runs the card. The highest available memory capacity is 4 Gb.

Depending on your needs, the memory will allow playback of video from several seconds to several hours.

In most cases, the spaker is 8Ω 2W (only Video Business Cards come with 1W speaker)

USB Port
The USB port allows recharging of the Video Brochures as well as changing the content. In most cases, the USB included on the card is a Micro USB, though a Mini USB is available as well. The cards come with USB to Micro USB cables.

The Video Brochures allow a variety of configurations controls. Here are some samples, though most likely we can program the card according to your needs:

  • No buttons. Play upon opening turns off after closing.
  • Typical buttons: Next | Previous, Stop/Start, Volume Up | Volume Down
  • Individual buttons assigned to a specific video. A different file will play assigned to a different button
  • Button for video, a button for JPG slideshow
  • Touchscreen (see Advanced options)

Our Video Brochures are powered by rechargeable ION batteries. Batteries come in several sizes from 300mAh to 1000mAh. They are rechargeable and when not used, hold power for 4-6 months.

Printing and cover
The Video Brochure can come in many sizes and formats. Most typical sizes:

8.5” x 6” 7”, 5”
7” x 5” 4.3”
8.5” x 8.5 4.3”, 5”, 7”
8.5” x 12” 7”, 10.1”
5” x 3.75” 4.3”

All cards can be produced in landscape or portrait orientation. Our customers are not limited to the highlighted sizes above, though. We can produce a complete custom size to fit your requirements.

Our video brochures are printed on either glossy or matte stock with optional UV coating or foil stamping. The brochures are available in softcover and hardcover. The hardcover provides an additional layer of protection, suitable mostly for cards with larger LCD screens.

Advanced options

Video brochures are constantly evolving and new options recently came on the market.


IPS LCD panels display consistent color from all viewing angles in higher resolution. Unlike regular LCDs, IPS panels do not lighten when touched. IPS HD panels have a higher resolution (7” cards have 1024 x 800 as opposed to 800 x 480) displaing great details and brighter colors.
IPS panels are more expensive, therefore they work in situations when occurate color display is important.


Touchscreen LCDs allow the cards to be controlled directly on display. Depending on the configuration, the controls can be as simple as Next and Previous arrows, audio level controls, or move to a specific part in the video control. The touchscreen brochure can have a menu that allows a selection of video files directly from the menu.

Video Brochure options

Android Video Brochure

New Android Video Brochures offer WiFI connectivity and access to Google Play Store. They mostly lack a camera, but offer the possibility to install customized Android apps and direct feedback to the seller via email, chat, or other messaging apps. The customer can further utilize them on a regular tablet by downloading and installing from thousands of Google Play Store apps (IE: Netflix, Weather, News).

Promotional Video Brochure

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