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Car Dealership Promotions with Video Brochures and Video Cards

In today’s advertisement overexposed society, every promotion needs to be responsive and quickly grab the attention of the consumer. That applies to many industries, including car manufacturers and car dealerships.

With the variety of tools that today's buyers have to research the right car, the greatest challenge is to capture their attention about the latest and greatest. The postcards the older generation gets may be lost in a sea of other postcards, and the emails being sent to Millenials may end up in the spam folder without ever seeing the light of day /screen.

Video Brochures and promotional Video Cards get more attention than other marketing media gimmicks. Video Brochures have been used for car advertising for some time. At first, just at the luxury market level; lately, with the improved economy and lower prices, they are being used for all brands, from the mid-range market to the base level.

Because of their customization, Video Brochures can present one promotional video; the same video in several languages for the multilingual market; several different video promotions highlighting specific aspects of a car(s); or a combination of video advertising and slideshows of car options.

While they come at a higher price than simple postcards, Video Brochures have many advantages. From a branding standpoint, video brochures combine print, video and audio delivering brand recognition across several mediums. Because of the novelty, one card is typically viewed by multiple people. The delivery method also assures higher ad and message recall rates.

With various options and different screen sizes, we can deliver Video Brochures and Video Business Cards that will promote your vehicle in a new, unique way.

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