How Much do Video Business Cards Cost?

There is no doubt that Video Business Cards have captured the interest of many business professionals and organizations. Nearly half of the pricing inquiries we get are for the smallest video units we produce. And there is a reason for it: once we present our Video Business Cards, the surprise and amazement are assured. Yes, there are sometimes screams of “Get out of here!”.

While an ordinary business card still makes a statement, Video Business Card or LCD business card makes an impact and a statement. The cards get you instantly noticed and remembered – and that is the goal. In the over-saturated world of advertising, being remembered and recalled is the ultimate goal of all marketers. And we know our cards deliver exactly that.

So, how much do these LCD Business Cards Cost?

Video Business Cards pricing depends on many factors, but the most important one is the quantity ordered. A larger quantity will bring the price to under $15 per unit while lower quantities keep the price of one unit around $50. Review the detailed pricing table with various quantities.

QuantityPrice per unitYour Total Cost

  • Contact us for a custom quote for large quantity orders.
  • Price is per one (single format) unit at a given quantity.
  • Price includes material, assembly, 4 color print, USB cable, 128 Mb memory, conversion of the file to AMV video format, video upload.
  • A different design is treated as a separate order.

  • Price does not include video production, shipping, and optional shipping insurance.
  • To design your own Video Business Cards, please download this template. We also offer pre-designed templates you can modify and free graphic design services for orders over 300 cards.

Artwork Requirements & Customization:

To create your artwork, please use our template. We prefer artwork created in Illustrator with all fonts outlined and graphics files embedded. If you prefer to use Photoshop for your design, please deliver a PSD file with 300 DPI and layered. Do not flatten the file or send JPG files.

Your video should have 640 x 480 resolution (4:3 aspect ratio). Acceptable file format MPEG, MOV, AVI.

Payment for Video Business Cards Order

A deposit of 60% required. Payment options include free bank transfer, check, or credit card and PayPal (both with a 4% processing fee). 40% of the final payment and shipping is due before shipment. Specify if you would like to insure your shipment (TheVideoCards LLC is not responsible for any damage that occurs during shipment).

Please contact us with any questions you may have.

Video Business Card Sample Purchase?

You may not have experienced a video business card before, so to make it easier for you to decide on a bigger order, we are offering “Video Business Card Sample” that you can buy only for $24.50.


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