Video Business Card & Video Brochure
Refundable Sample Purchase with your first order

Video Business Cards, Video Mailers, and Video Brochures are still very new products unknown to many. From our experience, we know that no description of our product can fully explain what an impact our Video products can have on on your customer base. We are confident that once you hold our LCD Cards in your hands, you will start immediately brainstorming: “How can we use this tool in the most effective way? What segment of our market can we convert with this tool? “

Because you may have not seen our product before, we are offering samples of our Video Business Cards and Video Brochures for purchase. We will gladly credit your account double the sample purchase price should you decide to order 100 or more Video Brochures and impress your customers with the most innovative video marketing tool of today.

Keep in mind that our Video Brochures come with free file upload, and free design on orders over 300 units. Pricing for large quantities starts in the mid-teens, and the minimum order is 30 units (10 for Video Business Cards).

Purchase your sample (international shipping available at a higher rate) or contact us today via this form. We are eager to answer any questions you may have.

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