Video Brochure Sizes and Video Mailer Options

Video Card for every occasion

Video Cards and Video Brochures offer customization to fit a specific project. Listed are the most commonly requested options.

Price of Video Brochure greatly depends on the size of the LCD screen.

Screen Size

Screen Size
Resolution Aspect
2.4" 320x240 4:3
4" HD 800x480 16:9
4.3" 480x272 16:9
5" HD 854x480 16:9
7" 800x480 16:9
7" HD 1024x600 16:9
10" 1024x600 16:9
10" HD 1280x800 16:9

Video Brochures come in many shapes and sizes. Some Video Cards have even extra pages.

Form factor

The most common sizes of Video Brochures are 2” x 3.5”, 8.25” x 6”, 8.25” x 8.25”, and 11.7” x 6”.You can, however, create video card or video brochure that fits your project needs and even includes extra pages of content.

Your Video Brochure or Video Card can be softcover or hardcover.


Most video cads are ordred with soft cover and matte finish. While there is no extra charge for glossy cover, a hardcover does increase the price of the video brochures.

Print finishing on Video Brochures include UV coating, soft touch coating, or foil stamping.

Print finishing

A variety of finishing print options are available. Soft touch, spot UV coating and foil stamping are options for the print of our video brochures.

Video Cards have built in memory. The size of the memory chip can be incrased as needed for a specific project.

Memory size

Most cards come with standard memory (128 Mb, 256 Mb, 500 Mb – depending on size of the screen). For an extra fee, the build in memory can be increased to up to 2 Gb. While most video content does not fill up the memory, some clients decide to upload other documents and distribute the cards as a USB flash drive (the files can be downloaded from the card via provided USB cable).

Each Video Brochure or Video-in-Print Card can have different configuration of buttons.

Buttons and functions

The video-in-print cards can be configured in many different ways. Some clients chose not to include any buttons and simply run the video upon opening of the video brochures. Others request buttons for start/stop, volume control, and skip to the next/previous file. Finally, many cards include several buttons where each button is assigned to a single video file or a JPG slideshow.