Video Mailer: Promotional Video Direct Mail

Fight the marketing clutter with video direct mail.

Each day, marketing and advertising companies try to stay a step ahead of their competition. With ever-increasing marketing clutter, it is difficult to get noticed and create ads that effectively speak to people. In direct mail, this is the case, especially when many ads go from the mailbox straight to the recycle box (or trash bin).

Digital marketing experts estimate that most Americans are exposed to around 4,000 to 10,000 ads each day..

Many companies have grasped a new opportunity and started using video brochures for direct mail marketing campaigns. Thus, the Video Mailer became a new marketing term.

What is the Video Mailer?

The Video Mailer, Video Direct Mail, or Video Book… these are all names for video brochures that play preloaded video files upon opening the front cover. The thin, custom printed mailers have an LCD and speaker, and deliver the video message right in front of customers’ eyes. Because of the novelty, and perhaps perceived value, they are noticed and viewed more than any medium you can put in your customer’s mailbox.

The battery in video mailers can hold power for 5+ months, so there is plenty of time from production to delivery. The typical battery plays 2+ hours, insuring several playbacks of the advertising message to the end customer. Further, the video books are rechargeable with a USB cable.

While many video brochures can be used as a video mailer, the most common size of video mailers’ LCD is 4.3”, 4”, or 5" with brochure size of 7” x 5”. Such small video brochure can be safely put in a reinforced envelope or small box. Larger LCD sizes can be also used as a video mailer, but in such cases, we strongly suggest using a hard cover to protect the screen, and perhaps a custom box to protect the entire brochure during shipment. Finally, some of our customers use Video Business Cards for direct mail marketing campaigns. The obvious advantage is ease of shipping and the low price of the smallest cards available.

If you are working on a direct marketing campaign, we can also help with fulfillment. We work with premier Orlando direct mail service DirectOne to wrap and ship your video brochures on your behalf worldwide.

What are Video Mailers used for?

The video mailers are used in a variety of marketing and advertising situations. They are effective as a direct mail campaign introducing a new product to potential customers. They are used as a luxury car lease solicitation to existing customers when a new car model becomes available. They are being sent as a gift to grandparents with an ultrasound video of their grandchild on the way. Some companies use them as a high-end recruiting tool to attract new talent, and on the flip side, some individuals use them as a video introduction piece when applying for a job. The possibilities are endless, and the effectiveness of our video brochures makes them a desirable option for forward-thinking sales and marketing professionals.

Video Mailer Pricing

The pricing of Video Mailers and Video Direct Mail closely follows the Video Brochure pricing. With a higher quantity, the price per unit severely decreases. Because a direct mail campaign is usually designed to reach hundreds or thousands of customers, the pricing in this larger quantity falls to upper $10s, with larger LCD screens from low $20 to $35 per unit (4.3", quantity 1000 - 100).

For an extra fee we can supply a box, so your video mailers are ready to be shipped when they arrive at your location, or we can ship them from our partner direct mail facility in Orlando, Florida (at an extra cost).

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