WiFi Video Brochure with Android OS

Expand the possibilities of Video Brochures

Video Brochures and Video Mailers are being embraced by businesses from a number of fields: hospitality, medical, marketing, manufacturing, and education, just to name a few. They prize their simplicity, customization, and effective in conveying their message. What if, though, a company wants to go further, offering updated content once Video Brochures are delivered to the end customer?

WiFi Video Brochures with Android OS

The update in Video Brochures and Video Mailers that expands their use exponentially is the inclusion of WiFi connectivity and Android OS. This inclusion essentially turns a Video Brochure into a customized Android tablet. As one can imagine, such option brings the video marketing tool to a whole new level.

The advantages are obvious. You can pre-install a custom application that provides exactly the functionality the customer needs – purchasing, reservations, feedback, updates, or any other function we use on our cell phones or tablets. You can provide content on a website that would always be updated. A manufacturer can showcase new products in a company catalog, while members of an organization can receive news and promotions. Finally, an end customer can register the WiFi Video Brochure and download and install many applications, giving the unit a second life.

WiFi Video Brochure specifications

The WiFi Video Brochures come in two sizes: 10.1” and 7”. Each option runs the Android 5.0 operating system. Like with other video units, each order is customized with a 4 color process print, a button, and 1 Gb of memory (optional upgrade available). The USB connection allows charging and transfer of files while the built-in speaker plays sound. Each unit has only one button (on/off) as the rest of the brochure is controlled by touchscreen. A typical WiFi Video Brochure has no camera or Bluetooth connection, though further customization and upgrades are possible.

WiFi Video Brochure WiFi Video Brochure

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