Video Brochure Prices: Video Mailer Cost, Discounts & Bulk Orders

Video Business Cards and Video Brochures cost depends on many different aspects and factors. The size of the LCD screen and the quantity ordered affects pricing the most. Others, like the size of the internal memory, print finishing (UV coating, matte or gloss stock, hard/soft cover), number of buttons, form factor, and other special features affect price as well. In general, the price for Video Business Cards can fall between $15 to $60 per unit (depends on quantity) while most Video Brochures are from $20+ to $65 per unit (depends on quantity and screen size). Price of Video Business Cards & Video Brochures decreases as the quantity increases, so you always get the best price when you order in bulk (minimum quantity is 10 for Video Busienss Cards, 30 for Video Brochures).

Keep in mind that the cards can be recharged with provided USB cable, and the content can be updated by simply uploading a new video or images.

The pricing of Video Mailer or Video Direct Mail closely follows the Video Brochure pricing. With a higher quantity, the price per unit severely decreases. Because a direct mail campaign is usually designed to reach hundreds or thousands of customers, the pricing for a larger quantity falls to $15+, with larger LCD screens from as low as $20+ to $70 per brochure.

For an extra fee we can supply a box, so your video mailers are ready to be shipped when they arrive at your location, or we can ship them from our partner direct mail facility in Orlando, Florida (at an extra cost).

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Video Business Card Price and Cost